Texas Medical Center

Texas Medical Center

In 1945 the Texas Medical Center was formed, partly through MD funding. The first gift of the fund was a $1,000 check for eyeglasses to the Junior League Eye Fund, made by businessman Monroe Dunaway Anderson. In 1941, the Texas State Legislature provided the University of Texas with funding to establish the hospital for cancer research.

The M.D. Anderson Foundation aligned the State with University donations through the provision of funding and the land, provided the hospital had its name in Houston.The Texas Medical Center (TMC) — the world's biggest medical area — is a leader in the development of life sciences.

In medicine, TMC promotes collaboration, creativity, and innovation across the institutions, since together; it can push the limits of what's possible. This is the largest hospital for children in the world and the largest hospital for cancer worldwide. Every 20 minutes, TMC delivers a baby which results in around 26,280 births per calendar year.

Every three minutes TMC starts an operation The leaders throughout the community of the TMC have come together for the first time in the history of the Texas Medical Center in a visionary initiative to promote the future generation of life sciences. Its goal: to be a world leader in health and life science in a shared, centrally managed environment by using the collective power of renowned TMC institutions. The result is a collaborative research project, unlike anything TMC has ever known or seen.

Texas Medical Center

Affordable Student Housing Near Texas Medical Center

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Not only can students or staff at campuses be reached in just a few minutes, but also for faculty consultations and in a library or lab in a broad range of facilities that are accessible easily.The best thing about living on campus is the community and the Texas Medical Center continue to be supported.

Anyone will always help you on campus and guide you, also helps you deal with the world.On-campus housing could be significantly more expensive than off-campus housing and certainly less independent. Accommodation or housing can, after registration in the beautiful Texas Medical Centre, constitute a burning question with the cost assessments of life near the campus or on campus.

Although the LCI allows a student to live and study in the same area to experience their hostel life fully, residents on campus can also improve their experience by sharing their knowledge with seniors, student counterparts, and faculty members who contribute to their education and development.Students or things are better than those living far away from the campus and offer great experience and expertise.

Off-Campus Housing Near TMC

Situated near the Medical campus, TMC's off-campus lodgings are just a minutes' drive from schools, labs, libraries, and sports facilities, offering convenience and saving time.

You don't have to worry about following the bus/train schedule in time to reach the class. There is no need to stress lessons that are hard to understand when there is plenty of opportunity for young people and classmates to meet abroad on campus.

On top of that, adding a meal plan with your accommodation allows us to focus on studies and keeps you away from shopping, and wastes your valuable time.

Off-Campus Housing near TMC

Available Rooms/Apartments for Rent Near Texas Medical Center

As a student, living close to your campus is always a plus for various benefits. But the place has to be cost-expensive to suit your budget. If you are looking for affordable student housing near Texas Medical Center , we have selected some places for you to consider.

2616 Rosedale - 3 Bed/ 3 Bath Unit

2616 Rosedale St., Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $700 /room

1,140+ sqft/unit – 285+ sqft/room

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

2616 Rosedale - 1 Bed/ 1 Bath Apartment

2616 Rosedale St., Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $950 /apt

450+ sqft/apt

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

5020 Paige - 1 Bed/ 1 Bath Apartment

5020 Paige Street, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $850 /apt

400+ sqft/apt

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Property Front View


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1 Room Available

2801 Blodgett - 2 Bed/ 2 Bath Unit

2801 Blodgett, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $1,500 /unit - $750 /room

827+ sqft/unit – 350+ sqft/room

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Main Pic
2801 Blodgett - 1 Bed/ 1 Bath Apartment

2801 Blodgett, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $900 /apt

420+ sqft/apt

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

2422 Wheeler - 4 Bed/ 4 Bath Unit - 2nd Floor

2422 Wheeler Avenue, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $700 /room

1,650+ sqft/unit – 350+ sqft/room

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

2422 Wheeler - 5 Bed/ 5 Bath Unit - 1st Floor

2422 Wheeler Avenue, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $700 /room

1,650+ sqft/unit – 325+ sqft/room

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Front Image


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2824 Isabella - 4 Bed/ 4 Bath Unit

2824 Isabella Street, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $750 /room

1892+ sqft/house - 250+ sqft/room

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Front of the House
3323 Arbor

3323 Arbor Street, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $2,800 /house

2520+ sqft/house

4 Bedroom | 2 Bathroom

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