Houston Museum District

Houston Museum District

Houston Museum District is an association of 19 museums, located in Houston, which actively promotes and influences arts, science, culture, and history.

It was established in 1977 and after significant improvements in 1989, it was formally recognized by the city of Houston. The place gets millions of visitors and tourist visits around the year.

Apart from museums, there are cultural centers, zoos, and galleries to be found in this area. A trip through the Houston Museum District could be termed tripping around the world. There would be hardly any place in the USA that provides this level of extensive experience of art, culture, and history.

A person can visit multiple museums, see world renowned painting masterpieces, and tour one of the best national zoos. These 19 museums are divided into 4 walkable zones for the convenience of the tourists. https://houmuse.org/

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Zone-Based Exploration

4 walkable zones for exploring the whole area make it more organized and convenient for the tourists to tour this whole place. There are walkable and bikeable roads in the zones where people can move.

All the attractions are situated near each other and there are also restaurants available nearby in case anyone gets hungry or dehydrated.

Key attractions here are Asia Society Texas Center, Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, Children’s Museum Houston, Contemporary Arts, Museum Houston, Houston Zoo, etc.

Zone-Based Exploration

Affordable Houston Museum District Apartments for Rent

Apartments and rooms are available for rent in wonderful locations and a short distance from the Houston Museum District. Visitors, staff, students, and general people can apply for a beautiful living experience in available apartments and rooms. Rooms and apartments both are available and reasonably priced. Please fill out the residential application to start the process.

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After getting a job in the Houston Museum district, starting a business, or planning to visit the Houston Museum district, the first question comes where do I decide to live and what would be the expenses and the services that housing facility would provide.

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Available Rooms/Apartments for Rent Near Houston Museum District

Apartments are located near the Houston Museum district, only a few minute’s drive from the museums. Markets, restaurants, shopping centers, bus stations, and metro stations, and other important places are situated nearby.

You wouldn't have to stress about attending your office or job at the right time. Will find friendly neighbors helping you out in all the tasks.

Adding to that you won't have to think of where you would find or manage to cook as we have meal plan facilities for our respected residents.

Property Front View
3527 Ruth - 2 Bed/ 2 Bath Unit

3527 Ruth Street, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $1,500 /unit - $750 /room

900+ sqft/unit – 275+ sqft/room

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Main Building Corner
2616 Rosedale - 3 Bed/ 3 Bath Unit

2616 Rosedale St., Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $700 /room

1,140+ sqft/unit – 285+ sqft/room

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

3309 Ennis - 1 Bed/ 1 Bath Apartment

3309 Ennis Street, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $950 /apt

460+ sqft/apt

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Property Front View
5131 Perry - 3 Bed/ 3 Bath Unit

5131 Perry Street, Houston, TX 77021

Rent Per Month: $700 /room

1,322+ sqft/unit – 350+ sqft/room

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Property Home View
6502 Goforth - 2 Bed/ 2 Bath Unit

6502 Goforth Street, Houston, TX 77021

Rent Per Month: $750 /room

1,085+ sqft/unit – 360+ sqft/room

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Property Front View


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1 Room Available

2801 Blodgett - 2 Bed/ 2 Bath Unit

2801 Blodgett, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $1,500 /unit - $750 /room

827+ sqft/unit – 350+ sqft/room

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

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