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  • Comment: FAPTL has made my living experience very accommodating and pleasurable. Jamil’s client service skills are unmatched, and his understanding and caring demeanor made my decision to move here very easy. Once I completed my walkthrough, and saw how well kept and spacious the apartment was, Jamil didn’t have to say much to convince my to move in. The apartment spoke for itself.
    I’m also very happy with the location; I’m near downtown and pretty central to anywhere I need to go. I use multiple forms of transportation in the area to include walking to local establishments, and the highway is less than a mile away.
    FAPTL management is very expedient. Any type of maintenance issue I’ve come across has been addressed within 24 hours. I have never had any negative instances with members of management. Everyone I’ve interacted with is very nice, respectful and professional.
    I definitely recommend renting from FAPTL. Very student friendly.
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