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  • Reviewed By: Mircle Carter
  • Location: Houston, TX
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  • Comment: First I would like to say that there was great customer service, the landlord always ensures that you are comfortable at the new property. I received a tour of the property and was informed of what this property would offer. This is a great property, if you are looking for a nice private place (roommate included) this is the place to be. Even though I have a roommate, we both have our own privacy as far as bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. The kitchen and living room area are both very spacious and provides you with enough room to have company over. As far as the neighborhood, it is pretty quiet and the neighbors are very kind. For a place to live offers affordable prices for college students but the prices do not take away from the value of what you are going to receive. Each property has it’s own benefits and one big thing that I like about this one is that it offers a backyard area for your fur babies to run around or just an area for you to relax.
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