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A large number of students make the choice of living in a dorm room every year. We do not just help you to find dorm rooms but also help you to provide necessary information to give you a better and comfortable experience. To have a smooth dorm room experience, having dorm room essentials in place is a must. Do not know what dorm room essentials are? Don’t worry, this article will help you exactly with that.


Not having important clothes can make your dorm room life uncomfortable. Firstly, having an idea of the weather of the place you will live in is important. The clothes needed for academic purposes are equally important too or else it might be very stressful for a student to get the dress required for a particular function. These are some general ideas, to be more specific having a pair of formal suits is a must for formal functions. A pair of dress shoes is required for wearing with the formals. For similar reasons, a minimum of two ties and two leather belts are needed. Sufficient amounts of socks and underwear are required to maintain good hygiene. Minimum a pair of boots are needed.

If you can add some snickers that would be better. A nightdress and a pair of flip-flops/sandals/slippers are required for at home casual wearings. Most importantly,clothes for the weather such as a pair of sweaters, jackets, hand gloves must be carried. You also should have a pair or more semi-casual shirts and pants. A good looking wrist watch should be on the list. You can also add a swimsuit to the list and you are good to go.

Essentials for Dorm Clothes Storage
Essentials for Dorm Essentials Toiletries


It is one of the most important if not the important criteria of items that a student should think of. Among the toiletries, a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental flosses is essential. A rasor, shampoo, body wash, lip gel,hair gel,lotions and moisturizers, nail clippers, hair comber, hair drier, hair curler or straightener needs to be carried. Do not forget to take vitamins, bandages, antacids, aspirins,medicines and other supplements that you might need.

Keeping a toilet cleaner with you is a no brainer. There are actually many essential toiletries that a person might need. The good thing is the essential toiletries are easy to find and cheap to purchase (depending on brands).


This is the criteria that students usually get right in terms of making sure if the important items are there. Mobile phone and its accessories, laptop or desktop or both, a camera is a must to carry. In addition, bringing a printer with you will definitely make your life a lot easy. It is important to check if the plugs and chords are there in the room. You should carry a power bank as well. For the big electronic items like television, refrigerator, AC, room and water hitter you should discuss it with your roommate and make decisions accordingly.

Essentials for Electronics Safety
Essentials for College DormStationeries


As a student you need to have the stationeries in place. Keep the notebooks organized and have sufficient pencils, pens, eraser and a sharpener. Have a pen holder to organize these items. Sticky notes, highlighters, rulers are also essential to keep. Do not forget to keep a stapler and staples, paper clips, binder clips and rubber bands. Also add scissors and tapes in the list.

Other essentials

Your bedroom essentials like pillows, bed sheets and other items, blankets, laundry items, cloth hangers, towels, important tools like screwdriver, plus and hammer, trash can, alarm clock, calendars, umbrella etc are some essentials for dorm room essentials.

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