Student Accommodation in Houston Texas

Where to Stay in Houston Texas as a Student

Houston is a great city for student accommodation. Every year more than 430,000 students are enrolled in higher degrees in the Greater Houston area. University of Houston (UH) is the largest one among all the universities of this city.

This city includes a good number of quality universities. Rice University, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Southern University and University of ST Thomas are some of them. So finding a place to stay in Houston Texas as a student is easier than it seems.

Student Housing Near Houston

Houston has plenty of places suitable for students. The places can differ in terms of style, cost and class of the neighbourhood. East Downtown, Greater Eastwood and Montros or the area around St. Thomas offers an affordable neighborhood.

Low on Budget

Older and smaller apartments, basement or garage apartments,small homes or duplexes can be easily found in the mentioned areas featuring several characters. If you want a better living than you can also get modern apartments here but the cost is slightly high.

When Budget doesn't Bother

Students with larger budgets can try Upper Kirby or Midtown. These places are more student friendly. The living cost depends on the lifestyle students maintain. Apartment rent varies depending on its age, size, style and amenities.

Suitable Place for Students in Houston Texas

Around University of Houston

The University of Houston, Texas is different from other universities as it has a commuter campus. You can look for student places for living close by. The area around the university has adequate amenities for students. 

Best Way of Transport

Most of the students of Houston try to buy or rent cars for a quicker commute. It requires less hassle and they can live in suitable areas they like. Movement gets easy with cars and you can also avoid traffic jams by taking different routes. 

How to Rent Student Accommodation

To rent student accommodation in Houston, you can try various websites online. Get connected to the university you are enrolled in to find out the most suitable place around it and get an apartment rented in the nearest locality.

How to Book an Apartment during COVID 19?

There are several apartments which can be booked even during this pandemic. In various booking websites you can find apartments which have the approval to be booked or visited during this pandemic.

Average Rent of Houston

Rent depends on the area you want to live in. It also depends on the size and age of the apartments. To give a general idea it can be summed up from $450-$3000. The pricings basically depend on lots of factors.

General Student Apartment Size

You can get any size that fits your budget. The number of students who are going to live together in an apartment also depends on the size of the apartments. Here in Houston, you can find apartments between 27m² to 122m² in general.

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