Maintaining Focus Through The Online Learning Journey

How To Maintain Focus Through The Online Learning Journey

Traditional learning programs have taken a back seat in this pandemic, and online courses have made their way in. While it sounds smooth, it is not always easy to make the transition into online learning.  

In a school, college, university, or any learning set up, you have got your professors to help you in person, your peers to discuss and interact.

Where in an online learning setup, you are alone and separated, distanced and most of the time managing everything passively. The human bonding, mingling, and lively engagement of an actual class is certainly missed.

Moreover, there is an issue of losing focus during long hours of looking at the screen and listening to lectures. Most of us have the tendency to develop procrastination and in this tough time, it can take a lot to get yourself up for the class.

So how does anyone stay motivated for this remote participation? Let’s take a look at some of the things we can do to maintain focus through the online learning journey.

Traditional learning program

Stay Away from Distractions

It is easy to get yourself lost in the digital world. More so when it is the only option for having a good time. But if you want to really make good of online learning, you need to stay clear of distractions.

Make an environment that helps to focus. A dedicated space for studying invariably helps. Minimize digital distractions like social media. Put your devices in silent mode. If you are thinking about multitasking, don’t. It actually affects productivity.

Be Organized

Make a list of things that are necessary for the class. Bring everything you need for your study and get started. Check for your internet connections and connected devices. Put your pen and paper near you. You cannot use these as an excuse to go off every now and then. Use the Pomodoro method if you are having a hard time concentrating.

Commit to Learning

We all know it can get a little too comfortable in your home environment without the usual scrutiny of your instructors. But you don’t want to get behind the schedule in an online class. It can lead you to a slippery slope of procrastination. Complete your deadlines. Making yourself accountable and taking it as a challenge is what you need to.   

Create Study Groups

When you are learning in a secluded environment, being in a space where you feel engaged in interactions helps a lot. Make yourself acquainted with others in the setup. You can form a group to discuss things, share thoughts, and exchange class materials. It also motivates you to do more and be in the mix like it is in a physical environment.

Don’t Overwork Yourself

Even though everything is happening online, try not to spend too much time in front of the screen. Your brain needs refreshment to function properly. Get a night of good sleep, have healthy diets. Take online classes as the real physical class where you keep the schedule, enjoy breaks in between. 

It is a part of your other activities for the whole day. Stay fresh and make your own way of dealing with things. Always avoid backlog to stop becoming overworked.

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