Living on Campus vs Living off Campus

Living on Campus vs Living off Campus

Student life is one of the best enjoyable and stressful phases of our life. You have to study well for your future, meanwhile, you get the opportunity to learn more about the world. But should you live on campus or off-campus? The debate on living on campus vs living off-campus is a common dilemma most of us face. But this problem can be solved if you properly analyze the pros and cons of both arrangements.

Living on Campus:

Most educational institutions have accommodation arrangements for students who want to live close to the faculty. In a dorm or hostel, you will get all the facilities like dining room, library, refreshment, bathroom, etc. that all the residents have to share with each other. But not everyone gets to live there due to the availability issue.

Living on Campus


  • You get to live close to your class. Hence, the possibility of missing important classes is close to none.
  • The hostel expense is considerably cheap.
  • As you don't have to hurry to get back to your home, you get to enjoy your campus life more.
  • You will get all the essential amenities like the dining hall, kitchen area, bathroom, library, etc.
  • Dorms usually have separate meal providing facilities. If you don't have time to cook, you can always dine in there.


  • You have to compromise your privacy.
  • Due to the shared space, loud roommates, or neighbors, you may struggle to concentrate.
  • You have to maintain a specific time schedule like everyone else.

Living off Campus:

Due to the limited hostel seats, many students choose to live off-campus for their convenience. While living off-campus has many beneficial sides to offer, it also has some issues that you have to think about.

Living off Campus Main Front View


  • You can choose if you want a single room or a shared room.
  • You don’t have to maintain any strict timetable for your daily outings.
  • You can concentrate properly without being distracted by anything else.
  • You can live freely and maintain your privacy.


  • This can be costly.
  • If your home is far from the campus, you have to spend your money and time both on transportation.
  • You have to take care of everything like your food, internet, utility bills, etc.

Final Words:

As a student, you may face difficulties to choose between living on campus vs living off-campus. To make an easy decision, make a list of your priorities and requirements that you think is necessary for you. Compare which one is best suitable for you and decide accordingly.

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