How to Make Your Apartment Feel Homey

How to Make Your Apartment Feel Homey

If you live in a rented residence, you're already paying a lot of money for rent, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy your surroundings. However, it's not just a lack of funds that prevents you from decorating your home; it's also the fact that you don't want to spend whatever money you have left on sprucing up someone else's. Even if you're on a low budget, there are methods to customize your flat and make it feel more "homey." Following the suggestions below can help you make your home a more pleasant place to live.

Walls should be painted.

Before making any alterations to a rental property, you must first consult with the landlord. Despite the fact that painting the walls appears to be a significant alteration, 99 percent of landlords will likely say yes because you are actually doing them a major service.

They'll have their walls painted for free, and you'll finally have freshly painted walls in your preferred hue. Paint the entire house white to give it a fresh look and a blank canvas to work with. If white is too boring, add a splash of color to a little wall.

Walls should be painted
Don't Forget to Include Soft Furnishings

Don't Forget to Include Soft Furnishings.

Don't forget about the finishing touches, such as pillows, and bed linen. Cushions are a terrific way to brighten up your space and make it feel more welcoming. If the home has an outside area, choose printed linens that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use areas.

If you want to freshen up your bedroom, replacing the linens is a great way to start. Use cotton sheets with striking designs and bright colors if you prefer gentle neutrals in linens and denim. If you prefer bolder colors, choose cotton sheets with striking patterns and bright hues.

Accessorize to Make a Statement.

Property accessories, in addition to changing the furnishings, can make a significant difference in your leased home. Place them on shelves, mantels, and anywhere else in the apartment where there is a blank wall. Vases, ornamental storage, candle holders, trays—whatever your heart desires can be added. Use them to connect the dots and make a story. However, take care not to overdo it. Display only a few items and maintain them tidy at all times.

Accessorize to Make a Statement
Bring the outdoors in.

Bring the outdoors in.

Bring in some life (and additional oxygen) with plants if the inside of your leased property is looking drab. Plants are a simple and inexpensive way to customize any space and add a splash of color. Furthermore, they aid in the purification of the air, which is proven to reduce stress levels. Put them on the windows to draw attention away from the unsightly window sills. Oh, and make sure you pick plants that are easy to maintain. In case anything goes wrong...

Make up for a lack of storage space.

If your flat is on the smaller side, shelves are an easy way to handle the problem of storage space. You may either buy inexpensive shelves or create your own with plywood and wall brackets from your local home improvement store. Then comes the fun part: adorning and personalizing your shelves. Most owners don't mind if you put shelves up as long as you agree to patch in the holes before you go.

Make up for a lack of storage space
Dress up your windows

Dress up your windows.

Updating the window treatments is the quickest repair. Remove the dingy old drapes and replace them with your choice of color shades, curtains, or drapes. Remember that you'll be able to take this with you when you leave, thus it's well worth the money. Bamboo blinds are particularly useful because they are inexpensive and simple to hang, and they instantly bring texture and warmth to any room.

Add a rug to the mix.

A rug is a simple way to open up a space and make it feel more spacious. Rugs also help to tie the place together. A rug will help to separate your dining area from your living room, which is especially important if you have a dining space that is close to your living room. A bright rug can also brighten up the space.

Add a rug to the mix
Install some drapes.

Install some drapes.

White, plastic blinds are the epitome of blandness and boredom. Installing curtains, no matter how modest, can give your property a more personal touch. Although this task may not be feasible for everyone, make sure to verify your apartment's restrictions regarding making holes in the wall.

Make your bathroom have a theme.

Bathrooms aren't the most interesting locations in the world, but you can use that to your advantage. Create a theme for your bathroom that will tie everything together. Use a color scheme or a nautical/beach motif, as shown below. Your bathroom will be instantly brightened by adding themed prints, accessories, and a shower curtain.

Make your bathroom have a theme
Colorful accents.

Colorful accents.

Working with color is usually a pleasant experience. Look for ways to add color to your room if it appears to be dreary and lifeless. Color accents, whether they're little or large, may easily modify the look of a room.

Place a bookshelf on the wall.

A bookshelf is an ideal method to provide more storage space, add a personal touch, and cover up empty wall space in your apartment, regardless of which room you put it in. But don't just slap anything up there; you want to make a visual statement in the room. Consider how you can design your bookshelf in a variety of ways.

Place a bookshelf on the wall.
Add a hint of fragrance.

Add a hint of fragrance.

Lamps or potpourri can be both decorative and functional. You'll feel more at ease in your apartment if you surround it with a pleasant, welcoming perfume (but make sure it's not overpowering). I adore my Scents’ warmer, which I have plugged into the wall. It smells fantastic and doesn't provide a fire hazard in my unit.

Get all of the boxes and rubbish out of the path.

You'll be stressed out if you trip over boxes or even just glance at them. Break down the boxes as you unload them to get them out of the way. This can mean recycling or tossing things away, but depending on how far you've come, you might be better off just putting them in a different area to deal with later. It's not the finest long-term solution, but it can assist a lot in the start.

Get all of the boxes and rubbish out of the path.
Organize and clean your space.

Organize and clean your space.

Although most flats are cleaned before a new tenant moves in, this is not always the case. Do a thorough cleaning before putting everything away. This provides you with a fresh start, both physically and metaphorically. You'll also rapidly become accustomed to your new surroundings.

There should be a place for everything. It doesn't have to be a perfect system, but having no idea where things should just go and leaving them from the first place you placed them will feel cluttered.

Make an investment in high-quality furniture.

One of the most appealing aspects of a studio is that it is a true example of "less is more." Because there isn't enough room, you can't buy a lot of stuff you don't need.

Focus on quality furniture rather than quantity to make your place feel like home. Look for furniture that has multiple functions to make your space more efficient. A pull-out couch is ideal for entertaining guests, and a bed with a storage headboard allows you to store your belongings. Room dividers provide some seclusion while also giving the impression that the studio is larger than it appears.

Make an investment in high-quality furniture.
Fill in the Gaps

Fill in the Gaps

Check your corners if everything appears to be in place but something is still not quite right. A room with too many open edges can appear harsh. Add corner shelves or artwork to give it a domestic vibe. Another easy touch is a standing light or coat rack. Cutting off that glaringly open jagged edge instantly transforms a space.

Make a lighting change.

In the kitchen, bright lighting is ideal. Use mood lighting in the rest of the house to create a relaxing atmosphere. Although white bulbs are harsh, they are frequently the cheapest and simplest to get by. Incandescent lights, for example, provide a gentle, yellow light.

Other options for lighting your studio without using the existing harsh fixtures include:

  • Lighting for under-the-cabinet storage
  • Lamps for the floor
  • Dimmable lights
  • Strips of LED lighting
  • Lighting that is ethereal.

After a long day, you'll be able to relax and unwind in a warmly lighted room. It was really worth it! One of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health is to get a plant (or several) for your studio. It is difficult for the air to circulate due to the confined space. Circulating, and having at least one plant in space increases the quality of the air.

Make a lighting change
Windows should be covered

Windows should be covered.

The windows in your studio apartment serve to make the area appear larger, but privacy is essential. Covering your windows is not only necessary for protection, but it also helps to create a soothing ambiance. Use room-darkening blinds that you can raise to let in light as needed. Choose curtains or drapes that complement your design instead. Your furniture and curtain fabric will be less damaged by the blinds.


In this way, you can decorate the house and make it your own. Be it your own home or rented home. Whatever it is, arranging your house according to the above rules will make your living space very comfortable, pleasant, and loving.

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