Fighting Mental Health Issues During This Pandemic

Fighting Mental Health Issues as a Student During This Pandemic

In general, college students are a lonely breed. Compared to the general population, they experience higher rates of anxiety and depression. But during this period of Covid-19, continued uncertainty about college education, post-college careers, and the overall situation has worsened students' feelings. 

As the institutions are closed, the social support system and extracurricular activities have stopped. It has caused students to feel less connected with their friends, organizations, and hobbies.

Several recent surveys confirm that the social and economic consequences of the pandemic have devastated students' mental well being. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report in August about the effect Covid is having on mental health. They found out that 18 to 24-year-olds, about one-quarter of those surveyed, had seriously considered suicide in this pandemic situation more than once!

Another report from found that 58 percent of college students surveyed said they were worried about their mental health. Some were moderately worried, and some were extremely worried.

While everyone continues to battle the coronavirus, students should follow some tips to maintain and uphold their mental health issues during this pandemic.

Maintain a Routine

Wake up early and start your day at about the same time each day. Focus on completing coursework by setting goals each morning and afternoon. Eat three healthy meals to maintain adequate nutrition per day. If you want to try new recipes, now is the time! Try at least one physical activity each day. Go on a walk, get some fresh air, have a jog, or ride a bike. It will give you positive energy to boost your mental health.

Early to Bed to Practice Good Sleep

It is necessary to practice and maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Do some regular exercise as it will help to get a sound sleep. Try to sleep 7-9 hours per night. Spend less time watching Tv or Youtube, and avoid caffeine starting in the afternoon.

Fighting Mental Health Issues

Nurture Your Social Connection With Others

Everyone is staying home passing time alone. So it is natural to feel lonely and secluded from the others. But this is also an opportunity to build and nurture social relationships. You have enough time. So make an effort to stay socially connected. Engage in regular video or phone calls with friends and family.

Spend Time With Yourself

Take some time off from all the coursework and other stuff. Spend time with yourself each day. Keep aside all the news and coursework that you need to complete. Do something you enjoy and that you find relaxing or rejuvenating.

This is certainly a tough time for all of us. But we all have to stay strong. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or another mental health problem, then talk about it.

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