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Why Choose For A Place To Live ( We offer student housing with all year-long lease. Our properties are within walking distance to your university...

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Touch Less Move-in offer for Texas Southern University Students

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As Coronavirus continues to impact our personal lives, it’s also changing the way we do business on your behalf. We have taken steps to make things better, safer, and more streamlined.

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Students Testimonials

Students Testimonials

I have been renting with them for 2 years and I could not be any happier. The landlord really cares about his tenants and dose everything in his power to make.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For a Place to Live is an off-campus housing service provider in Houston, Texas. We take care of all your hassles of living so you can focus on enjoying your student life.

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University of Houston Downtown

The University of Houston–Downtown (UHD) is the second-largest public university in the heart of Downtown Houston, Texas. It is one of four separate and distinct institutions in the University of Houston System. This institution is separately acknowledged also, offers its academic programs and provides its degrees, and has its own administration.

The University of Houston-Downtown is known for offering comprehensive four-year bachelor's and selected master's degree programs, it also provides strong academic skill, advanced career preparation as well as life-long learning opportunities.

The University reflects as well as promotes the diversity of the Greater Houston Area, and through its academic events or programs, engages with the local community to address the needs and attentively focus on advancing the development of the region. UHD is an inclusive community devoted to integrating teaching, service and scholarly research to develop students' talents and prepare them for success in dynamic global professional surroundings.

The University of Houston-Downtown is one of the premier city universities that encourages every student in top-notch educational experiences and ensures their graduates with 21st-century skills.

University Of Houston Downtown

Affordable Student Housing Near University Of Houston Downtown

Summer intake starts from April 2nd, 2021, and registration will continue till 13th May 2021. Rooms or Apartments near the Houston-Downtown campus are still available. Please follow up on the housing application to begin the process.

We Help When You Require It Most

We Help When You Require It Most

While a student is enrolled in an institution, he or she wishes to be involved and engaged in its environment because each university or college has its own norms and values as well as culture. University life extends beyond the classroom, getting involved in student activities or participating in events is something that can make your college experience richer and influence you to concentrate on learning.

Furthermore, living in a dormitory provides steady support from the community around you and builds strong interaction with some homely friends either in your university or from the wider UHD community. The University of Houston Downtown has a limitation on student housing options that don’t meet every student’s academic and personal needs.

After being registered in the scenic Houston Downtown campus, accommodation or cheap housing near the university may rise as a burning question along with the estimated cost of living near the campus. But you don’t need to be worried to accommodate in off-campus housing near the campus; However, sufficient resources and support are available to eradicate the burden of off-campus housing. And what students look for? Wherever they live will find opportunities, programs, and services that will connect them to campus life

Off-Campus Housing Near University Of Houston Downtown

In Houston Downtown, safety and security concerns matter a lot due to robbery but do not need to think so because we must ensure the safety of students in our properties. UHD’s off-campus housing is positioned at the nearby university campus location that is just a few minutes walking distances from your classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and sports facilities and saves your valuable time.

We are offering cheap off-campus apartments near Houston Downtown and lots of amenities like a full kitchen, paid the bill, free WIFI and financial aid also at an affordable cost to ease your life. You don’t need to carry on the extra burden while studying just only to follow the bus/train timetable to reach your campus on time.

Off-Campus safest as well as furnished apartments for rent near the University Of Houston Downtown, TX are available if you are looking to filter out of your perfect dorm according to your own choice. Above all, adding a meal plan, walking distance from the campus, financial aid and full kitchen with living give you ample chance of close attention on studies and keep you away from the hassle of miscellaneous things and wasting your precious time.

If you are seeking to rent a room or apartment at a cheap cost near the University Of Houston Downtown, just apply below to reside in the perfect places near the university Of Houston Downtown campus.

TSU’s off-campus housing

Available Rooms/Apartments for Rent Near University Of Houston Downtown

As a student, living close to your campus is always a plus for various benefits. But the place has to be cost-expensive to suit your budget. If you are looking for affordable student housing near Off-Campus Housing Near the University Of Houston Downtown



3315 Ennis - 1 Bed/ 1 Bath Apartment

3315 Ennis Street, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $950 /apt

460+ sqft/apt

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Property Front View


3607 Rosalie - 1 bed/ 1 bath Apartment

3607 Rosalie Street, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $900 /room

440+ sqft/apt

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Front Image


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2824 Isabella - 4 Bed/ 4 Bath Unit

2824 Isabella Street, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $750 /room

1892+ sqft/house - 250+ sqft/room

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Front of House


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2422 Wheeler - 5 Bed/ 5 Bath Unit - 1st Floor

2422 Wheeler Avenue, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $700 /room

1,650+ sqft/unit – 325+ sqft/room

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Main Front View


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2801 Blodgett - 3 Bed/ 3 Bath Unit

2801 Blodgett, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: $700 /room

1,292+ sqft/unit – 250+ sqft/room

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom



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2021 Spring-Summer-Fall

For A Place To Live, Houston, TX 77004

Rent Per Month: Starting from $750/ room

275 - 500 sqft/ unit

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Why Choose For A Place To Live (

We offer student housing with all year-long lease. Our properties are within walking distance to your university with affordable pricing. There are no hidden fees, all utilities paid and free WiFi.

There is no meal plan to purchase or parking to worry about. We accept your financial aid award just like the universities so there are no out of pocket costs.

  • Most properties less than 7 minutes walk from the university
  • All BILLS PAID including water, electricity, and wifi
  • Financial aid is accepted
  • Affordable cost
  • No guarantors requested
  • No meal plan, full kitchen
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FOR A PLACE TO LIVE do business per the federal Fair Housing Laws. The law makes illegal any discrimination in the sale, lease, or rental of housing, or making housing otherwise unavailable, because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.